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Weekly Digest #71

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In this digest-

1. Article - 2021 Roundup: The Best of Positive news

2. Happiness Quotient from around the world

3. Did you Know?

4. This week in history

5. Entertainment Quotient


-Cover Story-

2021 Roundup- The best of positive news

By: Agastya Rao

2021 has officially come to an end, however the positivity from the past has not! And so, we bring you the best of positive news from 2021 and our 3 best articles that we wrote in the past year.

(Ranked in no specific order)

The Best of TPP Positivity 2021-

1. This first one is not only incredibly positive, but is something children can show their parents to make a certain point. (Weekly Digest #27)

Teenager Aidan Jackson suffered a seizure while playing an online game with a friend Dia Lathora, who lives in Texas, 5000 miles away. His friend showed remarkable alertness and presence of mind by alerting police in the UK via an emergency number for the EU, and saved Aidan's life. This just goes to show that video games don’t necessarily have to dull a person’s mind!”

The next time you are playing a video game, pay attention- you may save someone’s life!

2. This next one was featured in Weekly Digest #47, and this one invention can change the lives of millions of people across the globe.

“Prosthetic arms have been known to be very cool, but very costly. Luckily, a Hyderabad based company has found a way to tackle this problem. Taking inspiration from the late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the former President of India, they formed KalArm, a cost effective prosthetic arm. This affordable arm also comes with an app to assist the user. We need more innovations like this that solve people’s problems, but are also cost effective.

Because of this invention, these arms can be more accessible to people. If that isn’t incredibly positive news to hear, I don’t know what is!

3. We are slowly moving towards a more equal world, and that is slowly starting to happen even in the aviation industry. (As featured in Weekly Digest #26).

{Photo credit- Reuters}

“An all women Air India Crew, is making history for the longest non-stop non commercial flight operated by any airline to India. The flight took off from San Francisco and landed at Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru. For all our readers who are aviation buffs, the aeroplane is a Boeing 777-200LR. This flight will take 17 Hours and cover more than 16,000Km, and fly over the North Pole (a highly technical flying skill is needed for this). We salute the Pilots and Crew of the Flight!”

4. Medical bills are quite expensive, especially when it comes to rare treatments. One doctor changed the lives of his patients, see how… (As featured in Weekly Digest #27)

In a show of remarkable altruism, Arkansas based Dr Omar Atiq wrote off nearly USD 650,000 of patients' outstanding bills for lifesaving cancer treatment. This is a great show of altruism, but it also shows the unfortunately high prices of medical treatment, and how governments should do something about it.

5. Animal hunting is incredibly gruesome and inhumane. Luckily, the UK has officially found a way to end it. (As seen in

“In a fresh set of reforms in UK laws, live animal exports and trophy hunting exports will be banned by the UK. The UK is set to recognize animals as sentient beings. This is a very important step in animal rights movements, as they will help protect animal lives, and prevent hunting.”

6. There was renewed hope for the planet, with the USA re-joining the Paris Climate agreement, and COP26 making small steps towards taking concrete steps. COP26 was by no means a complete success and it is important that we keep campaigning for our leaders to do better.

7. While there is a long way to go before we reach a sense of equality, many countries passed laws to end discrimination against the LGBTQ community – Botswana, Montenegro and Switzerland among those countries.

8. Vaccines were rolled out and have helped millions of people all over the world. As we wrote in one of our previous Digests, we still have a long way to go, what with vaccine inequality, but these small steps will hopefully keep the Omicron variant from causing too much damage.

9. Major strides were made in the field of medicine – a malaria vaccine was approved, a pathbreaking brain cancer medicine is likely to be in the market, HIV injections were approved for use in the UK. There are some incredible medical researchers working hard to make our world a healthier place, and these unsung heroes deserve our gratitude.

10. Indigenous people have faced discrimination and hardship on the very land that was once theirs, but small steps are being made to offer reparations for some of their losses. Australia pledged to make reparations to indigenous people who were separated from their children (Read more about this is next week’s Digest). Elsewhere, Canada and New Zealand appointed their first ever Governor Generals of indigenous origin. It is high time these developments took place.

11. We have written in past Digests about the need for more women in politics. Estonia, Sweden, Samoa, Tunisia and Honduras had women leaders in 2021. A welcome step, and one that will hopefully be a stepping-stone to greater representation of women in politics.

12. The Oscars released their most diverse nominee list in 2021. After the #Oscarssowhite hashtag and sorry lack of diversity in their lists in the past years, it was good to see diverse talent finding a platform.

These were some of the best items of positive news from The Paperless Press in 2021. We hope that this special news roundup helps assure our readers that happiness and goodness still have a place in our world. Stay tuned in 2022 for more Positive news, exciting articles and much more!


By: Mihir Rao

1 . The new Dutch Government is set to have a record number of women in it, after the list was published on sunday! The list includes 14 out of the 29 ministers and secretaries of state, and half of the ministers being women.

2 . After six elk fell through ice, many families spent their Christmas Eve helping them get out of the ice. After a tremendous amount of work done by more than two dozen people, 6 elk were saved!

3 . Depression and isolation do not go well together. So when Carleigh Berryman’s company Vita Vita launched in 2019, she wanted to use virtual reality as a way to combat these things. In the pandemic when things got worse and people couldn’t step out of their houses, she helped senior citizens experience different things through virtual reality, as a way to help them feel happier.

4 . More than a million teenagers from 15-18 have been vaccinated, since the start of the vaccination drive on the first of this month! This is great news, since the world is taking small steps to go back to normal.


By: Abhimanyu Rao

1. Whether in a fantasy story, or in a science fiction plot, harnessing the power of stars is something that is one of the coolest things in (make believe) existence. Well, it’s no longer make believe! Indian astronomers have discovered that elements heavier than iron were actually STOLEN from stars! Conducting some very advanced tests led to scientists learning that these elements came from Carbon Enhanced Metal-Poor, or CEMP Stars.

2. Dinosaurs never fail to fascinate us here at The Paperless Press, which is why we were pleasantly surprised to learn that a beach in Wales had been found to be possessing a bonus attraction, a dinosaur footprint from 200 MILLION YEARS ago!

3. Engineers will soon deploy sunshields on the James Webb Telescope. These sunshields are crucial to the success of the telescope’s objective. It is supposed to find and examine the first light after the big bang, and to do that, the telescope needs to be extremely cold, but it’s protected by the massive 5-layer sunshield! It can detect the slightest infrared light, which can help us discover the secrets of the origin of our universe.

4. You know the name of that new asteroid NASA’s after? Psyche! Seriously, “Psyche” is the asteroid’s name. It is a metallic asteroid that NASA is looking to learn more about, because it seems to be a valuable asset. You know, they can give any excuse they want, but I think that they are looking for evidence of… you guessed it… ALIENS!(just kidding!(or am I???))


1. January 4th, 2010- The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa was opened in the city of Dubai in the UAE.

2. Isaac Newton- one of the world’s most renowned and famous physicists was born on January 4th 1643.

3. Burma (now Myanmar) was granted independence in 1948.

4. In 2007, U.S. politician Ms Nancy Pelosi became the first woman to hold the office of Speaker of the House of representatives. She has been a formidable supporter of democracy in the past few years.

5. Louis Braille, the French educator who developed a system of printing and writing that is now extensively used by the visually impaired, was born in 1809.



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