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Together Everyone Achieves More!


The Founders


Mihir Rao


Mihir is creative and smart among other things. He loves dogs. A student by training, Mihir likes coding, gaming, poetry, and obviously, reporting. A poet at heart, and a true delight, he is a necessary member of our team. In truth, we shudder to think where we would be without him.


Agastya Rao


Agastya is an enthusiastic and imaginative person. Unfazed by the dangerous nature of the stories we follow, he gets information from people on a daily basis. He loves dogs. A passionate writer at heart, and an avid sportsman, he is an invaluable asset to our team.


Abhimanyu Rao


Abhimanyu is intelligent and clever.He loves cracking jokes no matter how lame they are. He likes reading,writing poetry and fencing.Shares the love for dogs. He loves Photography. Passionate about writing and baking, there isn't a story that has escaped his radar, ever...

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