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Q:What is The Paperless Press?


A:The Paperless Press is a Non-profit organisation dedicated to providing fun to read articles and e-newspapers that are fun, free and easy to read that encourage children to read newspapers, and put a smile on everyone's face.

Q:How is The Paperless Press different from other E-Newspapers?


A:The Paperless Press is all about spreading free, fun and positive news. Unlike the depressing news you read in your newspaper everyday- we are giving the world a new perspective of the media. The media has been mistaken to be the paparazzi and people think that news houses are just looking for the next celebrity scoop. We are trying to change that. Every week we bring you a new Weekly Digest- with something for everyone to read. Filled with articles, funny dog photos, recipes, sports roundups, books and movie recommendations. The Paperless Press is for everyone- whether they are adults or children



Q:Why The Paperless Press?


A:The Paperless Press gives child friendly news, many of them being articles about everyday life. this starts a habit of newspaper reading, which is important for general knowledge in the future. We also encourage our readers to write their own pieces, which we feature regularly in our Weekly Digest guest column, along with a good level of vocabulary expansion through the word and idiom of the week. We wanted to promote happiness and put a smile on everyone's face in these difficult times. "When the going gets tough, read something form the Paperless Press!" Promoting free and fun news.

Q: What contributions are we accepting?

Ans: We are accepting any ORIGINAL articles,stories or poems which have to be submitted as a Word Document, to our email-id ( They shall be vetted and edited(if required) if they match the criteria, they shall be published in our Articles and Musings section: as a guest. You can also give us topics to write articles about.

Q: What is the criteria of contributions for the guest column?

Ans: Any submissions made for the guest column must be:

  • Original

  • At least 100-150 words.(for articles and stories)

  • Creative and entertaining.

  • Participants can submit their pieces anonymously if they wish.

  • The submission must be a Word Document.

  • Send in your submissions at:

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