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Weekly Digest #69

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In this digest-

1. Spider Man No Way Home : A Spectacular Spider Show (Spoiler Free!)

2. Happiness Quotient from around the world

3. Did you Know?

4. Entertainment Quotient

-Cover Story-

Spider-Man No Way Home: A Spectacular-Spider-Show! (Spoiler Free!)

By: Mihir Rao

(Poster credit-

Watching Spider-Man No Way Home was a once in a lifetime experience. Especially watching it in the theatres!. So without any further ado, here is my review for the third spider-film:


The cinematography in this film was incredible! I would love to watch it again and again, and there are some truly stunning scenes in the movie. The film directors have perfectly balanced the down to earth fighting scenes, with the unrestricted, free swinging scenes. For this movie, I would give the cinematography a 10/10.


The way they have illustrated the scenes is incredible, and the filmmakers have choreographed the fights to be a masterpiece. They are grounded, gritty, and they don’t make the characters of the movie feel like gods. Also, their use of the environment in the fighting and swinging scenes has made this movie a delight to watch.

The choreography is a 10/10. (Photo Credit-


The characters in this movie are incredible. I really love how they have added more depth to the supporting characters, rather than just running along with some sort of joke for the entire movie.

(Photo Credit-

However, Peter’s character, along with some other characters’ personalities, could be improved, but nonetheless, the movie is great at portraying his conflict between being Spider-Man and having a normal life. The characters in this movie are an 8/10.


The storytelling in this movie is unbelievable! For half the movie, I was in disbelief about what was happening, and I was amazed at what Jon Watts and his crew had added to the movie. In terms of the plot, I will not spoil anything, but there is one thing you need to know: You will need to watch this movie at least 2 times more, because of how great the story is. I would give the story a 9.5/10.

Special Effects: The special effects in this movie are good, but not too great. The movie does have some amazing scenes, and the swinging is extremely fluid, but some effects do not look as convincing and as professional as others. However, I do commend the work that the VFX artists put in this movie. The Special Effects get a 7.5/10.

Comedy: This movie is extremely funny, and does not disappoint with the Marvel humor. Although there are many jokes in this movie, sometimes the humor is a little bland, however this movie does cater to audiences of all ages. I would give the comedy in this movie a 7/10.

However, this is not where it ends: I asked two other people what their opinions are:

Agastya Rao - “I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and would personally rate this as the best Spider Man movie out of the 7 movies that have come before it. The acting, especially that of Willem Dafoe was great- and the acting of the rest of the cast was fabulous. It was a few key twists and light hearted humour that made the movie a great and entertaining watch. As the first movie I watched in the cinemas since the Pandemic started, this movie definitely made the movie watching experience begin with a bang!

Abhimanyu Rao- “This movie is a perfectly balanced epic. At 2.5 hours long, I expected myself to zone out in the middle, but the fast pace of the movie kept me at the edge of my seat for the entire duration. In terms of acting, while the whole cast did a phenomenal job, I really want to commend Willem Dafoe and Marisa Tomei, who brought their characters to life in a seemingly effortless way! This movie is a massive culmination of Peter’s journey all the way from his debut in Civil War, and with 3 more movies confirmed, I can’t wait to see what the head honchos of Marvel have planned for him!”

Overall, I would say that Spider-Man: No Way Home is a treat to watch. Going to the theatres after 2 years was a big change, since we’ve been social distancing. This movie really made going to the theatres after all this time worth every minute. The crew have really put the work into making this movie the amazing movie that it is, and every single moment is interesting. If you get a chance to watch this movie, I would highly recommend that you watch it.

Also, when you do watch the movie, please do not spoil it for others by offering spoilers!


By: Abhimanyu Rao

1. Work and family time don’t often go hand in hand, and the government of the UAE knows that. This is why they have decreased the work week to 4.5 days! This means that people get more time to spend with their families, which is said to help them emotionally. This will make the shorter work week more productive, so it’s a win-win situation.

2. Lions can become TikTok stars too! Sirga the lioness has become an internet sensation! Named after the character from a French movie, her videos are both entertaining, and interesting. They give you a peek into her life, along with some fun facts! This way, watching TikTok can become educational, and can become a good way to spread information!

3. Indian courts are bottomless pits of unresolved cases that have been going on for decades. In an attempt to stop this, Jupitice was created! Jupitice is a digital courtroom in which you can fight your case in front of real judges. This can help get people the justice they deserve faster. It also has several measures in place to prevent contempt of court. Who knows, maybe one day, this will become the way to go, which will assist the justice system, and improve society.

4. Saudi Arabia is infamous for not having a great track record when it comes to gender equality, which is why the world was shocked when they held their first boxing tournament for women. This is some massive progress, especially since until 3 years ago, women were banned from sports stadiums. It just goes to show that, however slowly, the world it is becoming a better place!


By: Agastya Rao

1. When something is invisible, it is already mysterious. If you don’t know its origins, then that just adds to the mystery. Black holes are incredibly mysterious, with not too much known about them. We do however know that they don’t let light pass through them making them ‘invisible’. One part of the mystery about Black Holes may almost be solved as scientists have a theory on when Black Holes were formed. One proposed theory suggests that primordial Black holes are thought to have formed right after the Big Bang. A new telescope called the James Webb Telescope should shed some light (See what I did there 😁) on the mystery of its origin and much more!

2. Us humans have long looked for evidence of life on Mars or held on to some remote hope that we may use to survive on Mars . The Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) that has been flying above Mars has recently discovered 45,000 square kilometers of Prime Real Estate. This ‘Prime Real Estate’ is actually a water reservoir that is the size of the State of Haryana. The TGO located chemical remnants of water. While the quantity of the amount of water may be minimal (the exact amount is unknown) any possible traces of water can mean a chance for human survival on Mars in the future!

3. Millipedes are called Millipedes for their countless legs. While actually Millipedes don’t have a 1000 legs (the most discovered are one with 750 legs). Scientists have made a shocking discovery. They have discovered a Millipede with 1306 legs. To add to the shock, a Millipede has so far never been found to possess more than a 1000 legs (let alone one with a 1000 legs). This newly discovered Millipede is just 9.5 cm long and the countless legs they have are said to be there to help Millipedes crawl through the many layers of soil.

4. Everyone familiar with Greek mythology knows that Icarus flew too close to the Sun. But has anyone actually ever touched the Sun? Well, someone, actually something has actually ‘touched’ the Sun. NASA’s Parker Solar Probe flew through the Upper Atmosphere of the Sun- effectively ‘touching’ the Sun. It flew to the Sun to collect particle samples. It originally took to Space in the years 2018, and 3 years later it made this monumental achievement!


Entertainment quotient for the week:


-Back to the outback


-Ron’s gone wrong


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