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Weekly Digest #3

Updated: Oct 17, 2020



The Weekly Digest.

Issue #3

Musings In Museums:Museums aren’t all that boring...

Plus our regular movie review, book review, entertainment review, jokes.

NEW THIS WEEK!!! Happiness quotient from around the world


Review: The Terminal

By: Mihir Rao

The Terminal is a classic movie, now on Netflix for everybody to watch. It talks about an innocent foreigner coming to the airport of America from a third world country which is at war, to find out that he cannot go out of the airport, because there’s been a coup in his country and the new regime has not been recognized officially. So, effectively, he has no country of his own - imagine being stateless and feeling rootless!

This movie, even though being shot in 2004, can be watched any time, and it displays a lot of the issues of the contemporary world which we live in, while still being a humble and sweet movie. It shows us the mind of the foreigners when they enter America. Normally the Caucasians (Americans) are the main characters of these movies, but this provides a fresh perspective. Even though these deep and real life related themes are the main plot of the movie, it still remains a lighthearted, funny film to watch.

The ever reliable Tom Hanks plays the lead character who is perplexed, lost, confused - and stuck inside an airport terminal. His efforts at trying to rustle up money, make friends, and try to stay positive, will bring a smile to your face. Stanley Tucci is the airport official who is hell bent on keeping Hanks inside the airport. Writing more about the movie might make me reveal some spoilers, so I will end by saying, even if you have watched this movie before, it still is a MUST watch.

Cover Story:

Musings In Museums:They aren’t all that boring

By :Agastya Rao

Many people hate going to museums. They think that museums are just boring and that children in particular will have nothing to do there. This common misconception has given a bad rap to museums all across the globe. Sadly, even when people travel outside India, they miss out on taking their children to museums for fear of boredom. Yes,what people say is partially true - museums can get boring: BUT ONLY if they are not maintained properly (I'm talking to you, Archaeological Society of India and the Govt. Of India! Take care of our museums, they are our heritage, for which big budgets and big speeches are given, but neither seems to have much of an impact). When I went to the National Museum in Delhi during its renovation, there was heaps of dust flying around, even on precious, semi-covered 12th Century sculptures. Yes, It is true that some museums and historical sights of India are in a pitiful state. However, this is not the case throughout our Country. The Vishveshwarya Science Museum, Bangalore is wonderfully maintained and makes for a very fun visit. good condition,probably the best condition in India. #Protectourmuseums

Here is my list of Fun Museums that are worth a visit (India and around the world)-

  1. Natural History Museum- Washington DC:

This museum is probably the best museum I have ever visited. You can get your own child ID and use it to examine fossils (plaster fossils) and touch a lot of really cool fossils. I spent hours there checking every single fossil, devouring their databases on everything from the history of fossils to Easter Island, and I hadn't even scratched the surface of the museum. They have an exhibit for everything under the sun- from Ancient Egypt, to Precious stones and gems. You can go and meet their 52 foot shark (Not alive), or head to their Insect Zoo. Visit them at- For a virtual tour head here-

2. The Louvre, Paris-

Many people think that the Louvre is overrated and touristy - but that cannot be a reason to miss out on the treasures within. One of the most famous buildings in Paris (which has too many famous buildings!), the Louvre has been a hub for art for a long time. It played host to Tom Hanks when he shot the movie, ‘The Da Vinci Code’ (don’t miss the glass pyramid outside). You will find art from all around the world, the famous Mona Lisa and the painting which everyone forgets about- The Wedding Feast at Cana, which has the unfortunate placement opposite the Mona Lisa. Yes, if you want to visit a painting which has its own air-conditioning,private security,bullet proof glass and has been stolen once-visit the Louvre. It is not just filled with old art, t has various interactive exhibits. To my delight, they had a Darth Vader Exhibit! Sadly, the exhibition is no longer there (my apologies fellow Star Wars Fans). There are sculptures like Venus de Milo, paintings and tapestries exhibited all over. If you’re tired after walking through many halls, you can drink the most delicious hot chocolate ever, at the Angelina Cafe within the museum. If you are interested in an online tour- visit them at to book online tours.

3.Vishveshwarya Science Museum ,Bangalore-

Probably India’s best Science museum, the Vishveshwarya Museum has been lovingly maintained. Though some of the exhibits do not work, 90% percent of them function very well. This one is great for children. They have a 1:1 scale replica of the Wright Brothers Kitty Hawk (for all plane lovers) and many small interactive exhibits and experiments. It has 7 Permanent exhibitions including- Fun Science, Space Emerging Technology. (the website isn't that great).

4. HAL Heritage and Aerospace Museum-Bangalore-

HAL Museum is great for all plane lovers. Filled with various helicopter and old planes- including fighter planes and helicopters from 1940. They have an entire exhibition on various plane engines. They have a souvenir shop where you can buy scaled models of planes. For children the one thing that caught my eye- were the two flight simulators they have, ever wanted to be a pilot, head here! Visit them at-

5.Experimentarium- Copenhagen, Denmark

If you are in Copenhagen and are looking for a museum or a place where children can have fun, look no further than the Experimentarium. It is the best place to go have fun and learn. Filled with various fun experiments and games covering various fields of science- whether it is Newton’s Laws Of Motion or How the Human Body works. Explore all the floors of excitement all filled with amazing games- for children of all ages. You can spend an entire day there and it has something for everyone.This science centre has many feathers in its cap- In 2018, The TIME magazine listed it in its 100 best places. They even have a giant water exhibition- called the beach. They also hold a 2019 Tripadvisor Certificate Of Excellence. My brother and I spent an entire day here and returned with stars in our eyes. Visit them at



  1. 6 year old Bridger Walker saved his little sister from a dog that was about to attack her. He received almost 90 stitches on his face, but exhibited true bravery at such a young age! His story went viral on social media, and none other than the Avengers stars sent him gifts and praise. It’s true - not all superheros wear capes.

  2. NASA has named its Washington DC headquarters after Mary W Jackson, the first AFrican American engineer at NASA. If you’ve watched the wonderful film “Hidden Figures”, you’ll remember Mary’s character.

  3. Shiv Nadar School is collecting laptops and other portable devices to help students who don't have access to them, so they don’t miss out on virtual learning.

  4. A majestic black panther, normally an elusive creature, has been spotted in Karnataka’s Nagarhole Tiger Reserve. The photos are all over social media and the news. You have got to see the photos taken by photographer Mr Shaaz Jung.

Photo Mania:

Photo Credit- Ms.Sapna Khajuria (No Nepotism intended :)

Entertainment quotient for the week:

A.Amazon Prime Video:

  1. Young Sheldon

  2. The Adventures of Tintin (The Show-1991)


  1. A Wrinkle In Time

  2. Bambi (1942)

C. Apple Tv+

-Greyhound: Tom Hanks stars in this WW2 Blockbuster

D. Netflix

The Babysitters Club


From The Literary World:

Looking for Books? See how we rank this week’s top book-

Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage:

By Abhimanyu Rao

This series is by far among our top selections, and the wise folks handing out the Newbery Awards for best children’s books agree. Three Times Lucky is the witty, engrossing start to an emotional, funny, and suspenseful four-part series. It explores the life of sixth grader Mo LoBeau, who is having a fun and carefree summer holiday in her house in Tupelo Landing. A natural born super sleuth, she starts the Desperado Detective Agency with her best friend Dale. Just when they thing things are slow for a detective in a small town, a missing person, a kidnapping, a murder - all of this in the middle of a hurricane makes for the most hair raising summer anyone could ever imagine.This Newbery Honor book is filled with laughs that can lighten up any mood, and is definitely the mystery series of the twenty-first century!(U/A- Mild violence)10+


Laugh It Up!

Wait and see what we have in store for you this week-

Always remember- Laughter is the best medicine!

Q. What do shrimps sing at Christmas ?

A. JHINGA Bells.

Q. What did one Pizza Slice say to another slice when it wanted it to move?

A. Pizza, HUT

Q. What did the lonely potato sing ?

A. ALOO lonesome tonight

(Credit: Ms. Ferida Satarawala Chopra)


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Yum-Yum In My Tum:



Digestive Biscuits 115 grams (check packet for weight)

Butter ¼ cup

Castor sugar 1 level Tablespoon.

Put biscuits in a Ziplock bag and crush with a rolling pin.

Mix this with melted butter and sugar.

Turn the mixture into a 7” pie plate or flan dish and press into shape round the base and the sides.

Bake in an oven at 100°C for 10 mins.

Remove from the oven and leave to cool.

Do not turn the flan case out of the dish as it will crumble.


Double cream ½ cup.

Condensed milk ½ tin (6 oz.)

Lemons (large) 2

Grate the lemon rind finely and then remove the juice.

Mix together the cream, condensed milk and lemon rind.

Gently beat in lemon juice with a fork.

Pour mixture into flan case and refrigerate for several hours till firm.

Decorate with almond slivers (optional)


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We thank our readers for helping us in our endeavours. Our mission is to spread awareness of what is going on around the world from a child’s perspective. Our aim is to bring happiness and hope to people when they have none, the lockdown has broken us, torn us apart and has exacted a mental and physical toll on us. We hope that you stay safe and sound in these uncertain times. We welcome as much feedback as you can give to help improve our articles. We hope you enjoyed this issue! Keep smiling and please spread the word.

-Team Paperless Press

We hope this issue brightened up your day!


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