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Weekly Interlude #4

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-Cover Story-

Let’s-a-go, Mario!

By: Mihir Rao

As all of you probably know, video games are a big genre. They’re taking the world by storm right now, and have skyrocketed in popularity over these past years. And, the world is basically separated into two main categories: those who love video games, and those who hate them and think that they are absolutely useless.

Over the past digests, I’ve told you all a lot about my hobbies, and you all would probably know that I’m in the former category..

Hating games is fine, but a lot of that hate is misplaced, because video games have been ostracized and thought of as ‘useless entertainment..’ Well, almost all of the bad news that you get about video games is not true.

Throughout the years, people have thought of video games as useless, and not productive. Well, that’s not true! Video games have also been thought of as bad for children, and would result in their ‘brains rotting’. This all goes back to the first few video games and when they were released, people weren’t knowledgeable of video games and how to consume the entertainment properly, and as a result of that, many people and children got addicted to games.

Actually, there are a lot of benefits to playing video games! Here are just a few of the many good things that can come from video games.

Firstly, since video games have become such a popular thing, people can actually pursue video games as an entire career! But since the whole idea of playing video games for money is a very new idea, people are a little weary to approach it. But if you take a closer look, YouTubers like Dream, CaptainSparklez, DanTDM, and Pewdiepie have achieved massive popularity and fame, approaching and even exceeding some movie stars!

Now, let me delve a little deeper and talk about some games that have changed people’s lives, and impacted the world in a better way.

Of course, Minecraft is the first game that comes to my mind when I think of games that have impacted the game industry as a whole, and it is a very popular game. The game Minecraft focuses on a player being able to build anything they want in a virtual world, the limits being only their imagination. They can play and build together with their friends, and they can even create entire communities on their own.

But one thing that this game has shown to the world, is that games can help the world socially, as well. Many schools have started to use Minecraft as a mode of learning because of its unbelievable versatility and flexibility to the learning environment.

Video Games also improve hand-eye coordination and enhance strategy in some cases, which is amazing. Even the most ardent disbeliever of video games will accept that both of these are priceless skills. Of course many people and parents would say that there are games like Grand Theft Auto V which are full of inappropriate content and violence, and that is true! But, that is not a reason to abandon the whole video game genre alike.

So if you are looking to get video games for yourself or for your children which are appropriate, don’t shun all video games! Games like Minecraft, Civilisation, League of Legends and more can help in a lot of ways more than one. So go to your nearest game store, take a look around and maybe pick up a game! Let’s-a-go!



By: Abhimanyu Rao

Black, darker than the night

Against it, day and night we fight

Dreams it contemplates

Repels one's love

Never accepts a peaceful dove.

What is it? A bird's tale or King Lear?

No, it's our daily fight against fear

His heart always at 100 degrees Fahrenheit

He has the power, he has the might.

He bursts every bubble of wonder

Never seems to make a blunder

But these dreams that come, soon they will go

Use them to fight your foe (that dratted fear, you know)

You may think your fear is the devil

But fear also fears something - perhaps goodwill?

Or is it something more powerful, flying higher than a dove

Could it be the power of love?

Love, like a rainbow in the sky

Love, it's supposed to make you fly

Not only does it make you shine bright,

Great battles it also helps you fight.

Love's heart, it glows warm

Guides you through every storm

You just have to remember

To ask love to stay even when the fearful dreams have turned to an ember.

Always, always in your heart

Keep love, this work of art.

By: Mihir Rao

  1. One of the most amazing things that happened recently is that Ikea bought a whopping 11,000 acres of forestlands to keep them from being cut down, and processed. The investment was announced on January 15th, and they have acted on their responsibility of restoring the planet to its natural beauty.

  2. New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that all New Zealand schools would have proper access to sanitary pads, to stop ‘period-poverty’. The scheme, aiming to provide sanitary pads for every girl studying in schools, has become successful. Surely a move that needs to be replicated all over the world, for a concern that is often hushed up.

  3. When two people were trapped in an avalanche in Switzerland, their dogs barked for help and they were helped out of the snow, and are now fine! Talk about a paw-some incident!

  4. In a good incentive for helping the earth, Elon Musk has funded the nonprofit XPRIZE, which in a design competition to solve humanity’s greatest challenges, will award $100,000,000 for the top three carbon removal innovations. If you have a solution that can pull carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere or oceans and lock it away permanently in an environmentally safe way, this is your chance to help the earth and win big.

  5. The unexpected freezing weather in Texas has been in the news for the wrong reasons, until this bit of news. The non-profit Sea Turtle Inc has rescued and rehabilitated almost 5000 sea turtles and saved them from the freezing cold.


By: Abhimanyu Rao

  1. If you have had the misfortune of contracting Covid-19 and managed to escape more severe symptoms, then instead of thanking your lucky stars, you should be thanking your Neanderthal ancestors! Studies have shown that a certain genetic mutation relating to Neanderthals has decreased the risk of a Covid-19 infection being severe, therefore helping people survive the deadly virus! The luck of the ancestry pool?

  2. G’day mate! Did you know that Indians and Australians are linked in the subject of evolution? The multicellular prehistoric Dickinsonia’s fossils were found in South Australia. Fossils that are nearly identical to those found in the Bhimbetka caves in India! This is because they were both a part of the supercontinent Gondwanaland, but it also does show how closely linked the evolution of the two countries really was.

  3. Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity. What do these words have in common? These, along with Sojourner, are the names of all the rovers Nasa has sent to Mars. Recently, another joined their ranks… The Perseverance rover had landed in the Jezero crater near the equator of Mars. This magical machine will spend the next 2 years collecting rock samples to finally find whether or not there was ever life on Mars. We wish Perseverance good luck on its journey, and will eagerly wait for it’s findings to uncover the truth!


By: Agastya Rao

Tennis- Australian Open (Special Feature!)

Women’s Singles-

Naomi Osaka won her 4th Grand Slam title and defeated American Jennifer Brady in the Finals. She has also achieved a ranking of number 2 in the world. She previously defeated Serena Williams in the Semi- Finals in two sets.

Men’s Singles-

Novak Djokovic beat Daniil Medvedev 7-5, 6-2, 6-2. He has won his 9th Australian Open title and now has a total of 18 Gran Slams.


Are you geared up for the NBA All Star Weekend, because I sure am! Team Lebron shall take Team Durant as the Eastern Conference takes on the Western Conference in the All Star Games!

The Utah Jazz with a 24 wins and a mere 6 losses record are still the kings of the Western Conference. The 76ers are at the top of the Eastern Conference table with a 20 wins 10 losses record.


India and England are tied in their test series 1-1. The next test shall begin on the 24th of February.

The IPL auctions are officially over. South Africa’s Chris Morris was signed for a whopping 16.25 Crore rupees to the Rajasthan Royals. The Mumbai Indians also signed in Arjun Tendulkar who you guessed it… is Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar’s son. Will the Mumbai Indians win another title, or will they be defeated?


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