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Weekly Digest: The First Anniversary Edition

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5 Lessons from adopting a rescue dog

By: Agastya Rao

Fur flying everywhere, drool on the floor, various toys scattered across the floor- this is how humans live with dogs! I absolutely love dogs! I have two dogs, a labrador named Cookie, and a Golden Retriever named Leo. Both of whom are 4 years old!

Now if you don’t have a dog, and want to convince your parents to get one, read my poem in Weekly Digest #23 (it may convince your parents!). Once you have decided to get a dog, here is how to go about adopting one, and what I learned from adopting a rescue dog.

So in the spirit of 1 year of The Paperless Press, and 1 year of Leo (Our rescue dog) coming to our home, and turning 4, here is what I learned from adopting a rescue dog.

1. Accept the change-

When you adopt a rescue dog, they have either been thrown out of their old homes or they have just come from the streets. This means that getting a rescue dog to come into your house is a giant change as much as it is for you, as it is for the dog. You have to accept that the dog will take time to adjust to your house. You don’t know the possible trauma the dog may have faced in their previous house, or wherever they lived before this. So your dog is bound to be naughty and/or restless, but it will adjust very soon :)

Real Life Example: Leo (Our rescue dog) came from 3 separate houses before he came to us, and he was extremely scrawny and thin when he came to us. He was extremely restless, and if you left him in a room for even 2 seconds, he would start barking, and scratch the door as if he was a prisoner. He had high levels of anxiety! It took him a couple of months, but he adjusted to it!

2. Be Patient:

This is similar to what I said before, but you have to be patient with it. Like I said before, your dog will take some time to adjust, so hug it, let it adjust to its surroundings, new family members too! The most important thing you can do at the moment is to give the dog some space!

Real Life Example: Leo took time to adjust to all of us, even to our first dog- Cookie. He was extremely restless, and did not sleep properly or sit still for very long when he first came. We gave him enough space and gave free reign to roam the house and explore his new home!

3. Learn about your dog’s past:

If you are adopting your dog from another family, try to ask them more about his diet, his sleeping routine, his pooping routine (yup, it's important!). Try to stick to the diet and routine best you can, as long as its healthy.

This will help the dog adjust to the house better and get comfortable. Eating food that they have eaten before, going to the doggy loo when he usually went will add a sense of normalcy to the doggo. Another unlikely but important thing to learn is how the dog sleeps- on an elevated bed, on the floor or not- it will help the normalcy factor once again.

Real Life Example-

  • Food- When Leo came to us, we learned from his previous family that he mainly ate bread and milk. Cookie normally ate Kibble and Chicken soup (Leo refused to eat this in the first month of being with us). Leo would only eat Milk and Bread, and he used to do a dharna of not eating Kibble. Slowly, we started putting a little Kibble into his milk and bread, and then by the end of it, he started eating Kibble reluctantly with a little milk in it. (he is still a reluctant eater).

  • Sleeping- Leo is extremely furry. He feels extremely hot in the summers and chooses to sleep on the floor where it is cooler in the summers. Sometimes, he becomes “Half-Track Leo” (as I call him), and sleeps with his torso on the bed, and legs on the floor! He also has a weird attachment to the curtains in our house, as he almost always ends up sleeping wrapped up in the bottom part of the curtains. (Picture Below).

4. Get a thorough medical check up for the dog-

When you adopt your rescue dog, I would highly recommend taking your dog to the Vet for a medical checkup and for a bath. It will just be better to be safe for both you, your family and your dog to make sure that the dog has all their vaccinations up to date. (Yup, I recently discovered that they have a Sars vaccine for Canine Coronavirus)! The checkup will make sure that your dog is tick free and healthy!

Real Life Example- When Leo came to us, he had a boil on his head that got infected, so we anyway took him for a routine check-up to the Vet, and he got his checkup and bath!

5. Take help from a behavioural specialist

If your dog is extremely panicked/restless/ excessively naughty or aggressive even after the first month or two, it may be a good idea to take them to a behavioural specialist or Dog Trainer. The trainer will teach the dog how to walk when on a leash, teach them how to sit and stay, shake hands and much more. This will help your dog live a much safer and carefree life!

If you have any reluctant family members at home, of any generation- do tell them to not be afraid of your dog, tell them about the dog’s background and circumstances, and do also tell them to not make sudden movements around the dog (this always used to anger Leo, and it still does). Do also tell them to not snatch toys from their mouths and to not tease them. These are very important.

Real Life Example- Leo used to be extremely restless and anxious when he came to us (As I have said multiple times before this). He was also aggressive with almost every dog he saw, he would jump on everyone who came to our house and bark way too much. So we took him to a trainer, and he slowly became well behaved and doesn’t bark at other people and dogs that much now, and has quite a few doggy friends in his social circle now!

The Conclusion-

Love your new rescue dog unconditionally! Spoil them with treats (in limit of course), and give them their own space. A dog is really man’s best friend, and when you stare into the eyes of your dog everyday, and when they cheer you up with a slobbering lick or tail wagging- you dear reader, will understand that as well!


Cover Story-

The Five Learnings: What I learned from a year of The Paperless Press

By: Abhimanyu Rao

1 year, one idea, and the goal to spread positive news- That is why we started The Paperless Press (TPP). For us, it seems that time has just flown by this past year. We feel pretty happy that we did our best to spread positivity and positive news last year, and shall continue to do so this year!

Now, when the Lockdown+Pandemic had actually begun, we really didn’t know what we could do to fight all the negative news and help others feel positive, then we began The Paperless Press. Then, as we were nearing July 12th, I realised that I should probably write a little bit about what I have learned from being a part of TPP for a whole year. So here goes, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

1. The value of persistence: The most important thing I learned was the importance of persistence. We have made a weekly digest almost every week, and while there were times we all felt like it would be hard to write something meaningful, but we all kept at it, and we could not be happier with the results that it has brought. This really opened my eyes to the value of persistence, and the value of sticking to anything you do, and how much of a difference persistence can make to even the simplest of tasks. The harder you work, the better the result is!


Always speak your mind: Humans have always been very self-conscious beings, who are afraid of being judged for anything they do or say. However, you must always speak your mind, even if you are the only person in the world with your opinion, speak! Of course, if you might deeply hurt someone with what you say, don’t speak, but otherwise, please do. At The Paperless Press, we have been unapologetic about our opinions since the very beginning. Whether we have a problem with the education system or the way an international issue is being handled, we speak out, and while we were originally hesitant, we have all learned how important speaking out is.

3. The joy of making other people happy: People always tell you how nice it feels to help other people, or to make other people happy, and I learned so much about it in this past year. The feeling of reading emails and comments with people giving us feedback always warmed my heart. Whether the feedback was compliments, or constructive, the fact that people gave our work time, read it, understood it, and even thought of how we could improve, was something truly magical.

4.If you do something you love, you don’t feel the time and effort that goes into it: This is a very old and repeated saying, and we have said it in a number of our interviews. It seems very cliché, but it's true. There have been several times when we have put in a ginormous amount of time into writing or recording a weekly digest, but we never really realise how much time we have spent in it. I love writing these articles, and this love really blocks some messages of time passing from reaching my brain😂😂.

5.Don’t think of rewards: This is the perfect point to wrap up this list. More often than not, people ask themselves, “What do I get out of this?” before doing something, however, that shouldn’t be what you are asking yourself. If you always think of rewards, you’ll try to mould whatever you are doing in such a way that you end up making it something that doesn’t help you in any way at all, all because you tried to make it something that would get you rewards. None of us wrote our digests to get rewards, we only wanted to spread positivity, but we got something so powerful from it. We made connections with people we never met before, all because we wrote something that resonated with them. Finally, we were humbled more than ever by your support in helping The Paperless Press win at the inaugural Jagran Josh Awards. We didn’t expect the magnitude of support that we got, and it really showed us how it’s not thinking about the rewards, but not thinking about them that will reward you.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you for accompanying us on this wonderful journey for a whole year! You, the readers, are the main reason we write these articles every week! This is what I learned from the first year of The Paperless Press, here’s to more years, and to more positivity!!


Crazy Continuity: Is it worth it?

By: Mihir Rao

I’m sure all of us have tried writing or reading AT LEAST once in our lives (That may be an understatement)... However, when we are reading books, articles (heh heh) and watching things, one thing that is really important is the story. The TV series/book has to have a main story, right? Otherwise, would it flop? Not really. The main component of a good tv show/book/movie is the continuity.

Continuity isn’t continuing to write the story, it’s keeping the elements of the story fresh and alive, and not scrapping them. What am I talking about? Well, if a book introduces a character who had many dialogues in the book but isn’t a main character or side character, they have to keep them, and not just forget about them right after the character’s dialogues get finished. Normally, characters like these who have a bigger role but not big enough that they would become a side character, are supporting characters. Even running gags are examples of continuity, since they appear throughout the the story

One of the greatest examples of this is Marvel. In the MCU, there is a main storyline with main characters and side characters, but they never forget to give other personalities the limelight. For example, in Thor, Jane Foster and Thor are the two main characters, and Doctor Selvig and Darcy are both supporting characters. But, they both aren’t forgotten. In the Avengers, Dr. Selvig appears for a role, and he later also appears in Thor: The Dark World. Darcy appears much later in (SPOILERS) Wandavision, where she plays the same character. The same is shown when Agent Phil Coulson appears in different movies, such as Thor, The Avengers, Captain Marvel, and others, even though he isn’t a main character.

But, there is one more thing: What about shows which don’t have a ‘main story’? What if every episode has little stories of their own? Comedy shows are a good example of this. In Comedy shows, there isn’t an overarching story, since they can pack a lot of different content and small storylines in them without it conflicting with the main story, since there isn’t really one. But you can still include continuity here!

Modern Family is one of the most perfect examples of this. This show is a comedy show, without an overarching storyline. However, they perfectly fit continuity into this by having many supporting characters appear over the series, and sometimes even having a bigger role! One example in this show is of Reuben. Reuben first appears in the second season as a friend of one of the main characters, and later he appears more and more, and goes on to appear for many more seasons. (photo credit-Hotstar)

But, movies aren’t the only examples of this. One of the most popular book series in the world: Harry Potter, also uses continuity.

In the books, there are many main characters: Harry, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, etc. There are many side characters too, such as Neville, Luna, Seamus, and others. But there are many supporting characters like Filch, Professor Slughorn, who weren’t a big part of the story, but still contributed to it a lot. There is also a running gag that Seamus was very proficient in blowing things up, even when he didn’t want to, and that also counts as continuity.

As you can see, even though continuity plays a small part in the story, it really makes it unique and it makes the person who is reading or watching the story, very involved in it. These little callbacks to different parts of the story really make you feel like you’re in the story, and experiencing it firsthand, and that’s what is important.


By: Agastya Rao

1) Iceland's experiment of a 4 day working week has been declared a success. In a world that is increasingly getting busier and more connected by the minute, many feel like they are constantly working. We hope more countries follow this experiment (Spain has already declared they will follow this) and give a boost to work-life balance.

2) The numbers of the critically endangered Saiga antelope have more than doubled in Kazakhstan in the past two years. News about the well being of wildlife have been a silver lining in the dark cloud of the past year and a half.

3) Canada appointed Ms Mary Simon as Governor General. What's so special about this appointment? The fact that she's the first ever indigenous person to fill this role.

4) The European Union has banned 10 single use plastic items that have been the bane of oceans. This list includes food delivery containers, cotton buds and straws. After seeing heart rending photos of marine life dying because of plastic, this is a much needed step.

5) We know that the gap between earnings of men and women is real and very unfair. In a piece of good news, the White House has revealed that women working there now earn 99 cents for every dollar earned by men. We won't be happy until this gap stops existing, but this is the kind of statistic that makes us hopeful for a better, more equal future.

6) A New mask designed at the famed MIT University, can detect and diagnose the wearer with Covid-19 in under 20 Minutes. The technology used was originally made 7 years ago, the mask was also adapted to check for other viruses.

7) Who said that only young people fight climate change? In New Zealand, older citizens have also become more climate aware and have even become climate activists!


By: Abhimanyu Rao

1) Researchers at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Austria have made a remarkable discovery. They found that the bacteria found in the gut of cows can digest some single use plastic. They are now working on identifying the microbe that is responsible for this, and engineering it. Until we can fully get rid of plastics, this can be a life changing invention.

2) Virgin Galactic's VVS Unity 22 has returned to earth after a mission to fly a crewed rocket to the edge of space. On board were maverick billionaire Richard Branson and crew members.

3) Did you ever wonder how otters manage to stay warm in the ocean when the water is freezing? The July 9 edition of Sciene magazine states that this is not because of blubber inside their skin (because they are lean and compact), but leaks from the energy generating part of their muscles. Ecophysiologists say this could change the way they look at marine evolution and the understanding of marine creatures.

4) The presence of methane on Saturn's moon Enceladus could indicate the presence of life! If proved, this could be an exciting development- we cannot wait to see how the research on this one unfolds.

5) We had heard of pain patches, but this new patch for plants will be a game changer. Scientists at the North Carolina State University have developed a patch for plants. This patch that the plant will "wear" is designed to monitor plant diseases and stresses like crop damage and excessive heat, continuously. This non-invasive method promises to be a great innovation.


Guest Submission- Album Review

By: Sahana Singh

RED Taylor Swift (Deluxe Edition) – Review

(Photo )


Last year, Rolling Stones Magazine put Taylor Swift’s RED at #99 on their list of 200 Greatest Albums of All Time. The funny thing is, they gave RED only a 3/5 review, when it came out. In fact, it is one of the songwriter’s most polarising albums. At its release, it was called “incohesive”, “messy”, a “let-down” after 2010’s self-written Speak Now. Today it is critically acclaimed, and kickstarted a new generation of singer-songwriters, like Olivia Rodrigo and Conan Gray. Even Folklore seems to be a sequel to RED in a musical sense.

The backlash RED received, caused Taylor to make her first all-pop and most iconic album, 1989. Taylor’s 1989 era itself is iconic; being associated with the infamous #SquadGoals, Famousgate Feud, and Bleachella. 1989 was also produced by first time producer, Jack Antonoff, who went on to work with Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Charli XCX. In a way, the fact that RED lost the Album of the Year Grammy in 2014, is what propelled the making of 1989, on the release of which Barbara Walters said, “Taylor Swift is the Music Industry.”

I think RED is a grower. I too, admittedly, hated it when I first listened to it. (I even called Taylor Swift’s most acclaimed song, ‘All Too Well’ a ‘Dear John’ knockoff.) That is why RED went from the Swift-loving Rolling Stones giving it a 3/5 to the notoriously elitist, Pitchfork giving it a 9/10. After listening to it multiple times this quarantine, I realised that I actually liked it. RED has a vibe. It’s not messy, it’s a rollercoaster… It is upbeat while retaining a melancholic undertone.

Song Reviews

1.State of Grace

It is the perfect song to open the album. It starts with a long drumroll, and the tune is upbeat, but the lyrics are sad. Beautifully atmospheric, it gets you hyped for the album.


The use of colours is a nice way of portraying emotions. It is the perfect name for the album. I love the pre-chorus, and the great build-up from the bridge, but the song is too repetitive to be considered better than the first track.


Her voice is nice, but I wish the guitar were louder. I don’t like this song up until the bridge, but I can see why someone else would.

4.I Knew You Were Trouble

It’s a nice change from the last song. It sounds quite dated with the 2012 dubstep, but I love the EDM drops, they pull you back into the song.

5.All Too Well

Probably her most iconic song. It kind of bores me in the beginning, but the lyrics are great, and the bridge is amazing.

6. 22

See what I mean!! Rollercoaster! The song is fun, but the lyrics are so sad, I feel bad for these depressed girls. I hate her pronunciation of 22, it is not, twennytoohoo. This song and Miley Cyrus’ ‘23’ are the only reasons people care about these ages.

7.I Almost Do

A boring song, with terrible meter. And not smooth - was she recorded on a toaster! Stop betting Taylor unless you are going to pay this dude! And no one cares that someone, ‘almost’ did something!

8. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

I LOVE THIS SONG! It’s so catchy, and fun to lip-sync to! Very repetitive, and technically not great, but it sounds amazing live.

9. Stay Stay Stay

Blink twice if you need help Taylor!!! This is garbage. I don’t remember clicking on a DIY-Back to School video! I have to be in the right mood to listen to this song, sometimes I like it, and sometimes…

10. The Last Time (feat. Gary Lightbody)

I hate Gary Lightbug. He ruined the song. They both sound so nasally.

11. Holy Ground

A nice return to the sound of the first few songs. Love the bittersweet positivity.

12. Sad Beautiful Tragic

The name explains it all. It was one of the first songs that made me cry. The bridge is amazing as usual.

13. The Lucky One

Not much to say, I like it. It’s the ‘fame isn’t everything’ song that all stars have.

14. Everything has Changed (feat. Ed Sheeran)

Definitely the superior Ed Sheeran collaboration. The chorus is good, and the verses have a good build up.

14. Starlight

Fun tune, average lyrics. The sound is too mid 2000s for a song about the Kennedys.

15. Begin Again

A calm song. A great ending to the album.


-The Moment I Knew

A really sad song, with a great beat. I can see why it was a bonus, but it deserves to be on the main album.

-Come Back… Be Here

Just such a sweet song.

-Girl At Home

Because of the first two bonus tracks, I thought the last one would be good… It is not.

It is absolute garbage. The most preachy, repetitive thing ever. I get the point, stop saying it over-and-over again. This song has no reason to exist. Bad melody, bad lyrics, not even catchy.


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