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Weekly Digest #80

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In this digest-

1. The Natural Next Step

2. Happiness Quotient From Around The World

3. Did You Know?

4. Entertainment Quotient

-Cover Story-

The Natural Next Step

By: Mihir Rao

We are all familiar with the frequently asked question, “so, what’s next?” The natural “next step” for everyone is progress. Whether it’s in a job, in a game, or even in school. Humans have advanced further and further over thousands of years, but is that progress necessarily good? Or could the next step that we take, end up being a step in the wrong direction?

In the past twelve thousand years, humans have gone from being hunter-gatherers to building cities and even leaving our own planet! But, obtaining power to literally move mountains does come with its own set of merits and drawbacks:

Pro: Ease of Access

Obtaining things has never been easier, and it’s now as easy as just clicking a link, to make what you wish for, arrive at your doorstep in a few days. Development of technology allows extremely fast transportation of goods, which is also great for activities such as construction.

As an example, with the world becoming more online and virtual, buying items such as laptops is extremely easy, arriving at your house within just a few days of an order being placed. Communication around the world has also greatly improved, allowing people to send instant messages to each other, being thousands of kilometres away from each other!

Con: Technology in the wrong hands

Technology is great, however as humanity progresses, power could go into the wrong hands, which has proven to be a problem many times. With the creation of more new technology giving more control to people than ever, technology can be a catalyst for war!

For example, the advancement of technology in recent times with the Ukraine-Russia conflict has made the issue much more complex and problematic. By investing money into military and weapons technology, the Ukraine-Russia conflict has become explosive and extremely dangerous for innocent people.

Pro: Medicine

Diseases have troubled humans for millennia, and hindered our progress many times. However, the development of medicine has really aided our quest for development in general. Modern medicine has helped us not be affected by diseases and ailments, and it has even helped us in the current pandemic!

Con: Animal Endangerment

Progress and advancing human civilisation with better access to healthcare leads to an increase in population. This leads to larger areas of the planet being utilised for human purposes - Buildings, Homes, Shops, etc. Thus, many animals’ habitats are encroached upon, which can even lead to the animal becoming extinct!

Pro: Knowledge

By advancing technologically, our civilization is getting more knowledge about how the universe works and the inner workings of life itself! I do not think that receiving ultimate and universal knowledge about science would be an opportunity to pass up. So, technologically advancing also helps our civilization better understand ourselves.

Con: Over Utilisation of resources

The demand for resources is directly proportional to the increase in development, and this is inevitable. However, we are using more resources than we actually need, sometimes also developing resources that may be harmful for the environment, just for our personal benefit. This can cause environmental degradation. The distinction between need and greed appears to have become blurred when it comes to human ambition, leading to potential destruction of our planet.

The Solution:

There are some things that we as a civilisation could do to ensure that these adverse effects do not occur when we are expanding our civilisation:

1 . Sustainability

Sustainable development allows us to not expend unnecessary amounts of resources, all while still being able to produce at the same rate. Using resources judiciously will reduce the heavy burden we have on our planet too! An example of being sustainable is recycling glass bottles, or using jute bags instead of using polythene ones.

2 . Being Environment Friendly

This is more of an extension of the previous point. Many people have been advocating for this already, but being environment friendly is very necessary. Using eco-friendly materials, banning the use of plastic, and not wasting water are things that one could do to help the environment. Also, advocating against mistreatment of animals would help greatly.

3 . Peace

This is a much bigger topic than day to day activities, but peace is also necessary for uniform development. Recent issues have also highlighted the fact that the world really does need peace right now.

To conclude, development has its positives and its negatives. We can stem the negatives, but that also will require effort and determination. As we progress and advance technologically, the amount of power and control we have over our surroundings will increase. We have to take heed of this, because:

“With great power, there must also come great responsibility”


By: Agastya Rao


By: Abhimanyu Rao


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