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Weekly Digest #76

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In this digest-

1. Cover Story- The Genius of Wordle

2. Happiness Quotient From Around The World

3. Did You Know?

4. Entertainment Quotient

-Cover Story-

The Genius of Wordle

By: Agastya Rao

When you think of famous online games, an internet game based on guessing words is not likely to be the leading candidate. However, “Wordle”, a new internet game, has taken the world by storm! It was recently bought by the New York Times “for a few million dollars”and had countless celebrities sharing their latest Wordle. So, What is Wordle, How was it made? And most importantly, why?

What is Wordle?

Wordle is essentially a game where you have to guess a 5 letter Word, and you have 6 “attempts” to get it right.

Let me simplify it-

Step 1- You type in any 5 letter Word (Example Sport)

Step 2- Based on your word, the letters of the world will either be-

  1. Gray (Which means the letter is not in the word you have to guess)

  2. Yellow (The letter is in the Word you have guessed, but is in the wrong place)

  3. Green (The letter is in the word and it is in the correct position)

Step 3- Use the information of the letter placement to guess the next word.

Personal Tip- if you can’t think of a word using the letters you know, try typing in another random word to see if it will reveal any other letters)

Step 4- Keep doing this until you get the word 😁


How and Why was it made?

The Pandemic gave a rise to countless opportunities and talents. Josh Wardle, the creator of Wordle originally came up with a similar idea for the game way back in 2013, but scrapped the idea. He and his partner enjoyed playing normal word games (Crossword and Spell Bee). Since they really enjoyed it, Josh decided to take it up a notch and create his own word game for his partner.

This led to the birth of WORDLE. With one word every day, and after narrowing the list of roughly 12,000 five-letter words in the English language to 2500 words (Asking his partner to sort through words that were too obscure). The good news is these words should last for (if my math is correct) the next 4-6 years. After originally making this game for his partner, it was then shared on his family’s WhatsApp groups, and then the game spread like wildfire!

It went viral (And is still going strong) at roughly 300,000 people playing Wordle EVERY SINGLE DAY! Wordle was everywhere!

Why is it popular?

1. Creativity and the Pandemic- The pandemic has left many of us bored at home, and we all needed something to do. Many people may have taken up hobbies or listened to music, or binge watched a series, but there is always scope for something else that makes free time worthwhile. This creative game has made everyday more interesting!

People have competitions on how quickly they can solve that day’s Wordle and how many guesses it takes for them to get it. Group chats on WhatsApp and status updates on FaceBook now often have mentions of that day’s Wordle experience. Wordle has brought people closer together, and has made daily routines more exciting!

An added bonus is that Josh Wardle made a spoiler free way of sharing your Wordle score, and giving you the full power to gloat about your Wordle score, without spoiling the day’s word for anybody.

Wordle 232 5/6






(Spoiler Free sharing 😁)

( Note: Some incredibly rude person made a twitter account where they used the source code of Worlde to predict the Wordle for the next day. While that account was promptly shut down, it is my request to the general public to stop spoiling Wordle. Also, to all those websites that are publishing the answer for today’s Wordle… Please stop, you are taking the fun out of the game!)

The Wordle Spinoffs

This according to me is the funniest and most interesting part of writing this entire article. You see, Wordle has built a global community, and some members of that community wanted to take Worlde to a whole new level. This led to the creation of several Wordle spinoffs.

I mean, you had every possible Wordle spinoff. There was a math based Wordle which required you to calculate some stuff, there is a Lord of the Rings Wordle, and the funniest of all has got to be a Taylor Swift Wordle. While I am not a fan of Taylor Swift, the ideas that humans are coming up with these days are hilarious. Taylor Swift Wordle or as it's called - “Taylordle '' where you use guesses from Taylor Swift's albums and songs.

Well, Josh Wardle has done what very few people can do. He has created an entire community around one internet game. Who knows, we may soon have the Wordle cinematic Universe, where we have to collect all the Wordle spinoffs to complete the infinity gauntlet! 🤣

What’s next for Wordle?

So what’s next for Wordle? Interestingly, The New York Times recently purchased Wordle for “the low 7 figures”, which is a few million Dollars. Now the controversy that has arisen from this is whether Wordle will remain free.

You see, the website for Wordle never had any advertisements and had no real goal for making money. However, now the players of Wordle (like me) are wondering if and when the New York Times (NYT) will make wordle a Subscription only use (The New York Times requires a paid subscription to be used). Afterall, NYT spent a few million dollars on this game, and they are 100% going to want a return on that investment. What better way to get that than to make Wordle paid game to use? We hope that Wordle does not get hidden behind a paywall anytime soon.

Wordle is a truly amazing game and it just makes your day a whole lot better when you are able to guess the correct answer. Wordle has changed the World (it's funny how similar Wordle and World are!). I for one would love if Wordle remained free. #keepwordlefree.


By: Mihir Rao

1 . The world’s first electric passenger airplane, Alice, is going to take flight soon! The plane boasts a max cruise speed of 250 knots, or 461 kilometres per hour. This is great news, since the company who made the plane says that the maintenance and operating costs are also reduced by 70%! The plane is just weeks away from its flight, and we are all excited for it.

2 . As many of you may know, Neeraj Chopra won India’s first gold medal in the olympics, receiving it for performance in the javelin throw, and he has now been nominated as one of the six people for the 2022 Laureus Breakthrough of the Year Award!(Photo credit- The Indian Express)

3 . Two people who were diagnosed with leukemia, had a remission 10 years after they had T-Cell therapy!

The CAR-T cells were infused with the objective of making the body’s immune system fight the cancer. This could potentially be something incredible, since scientists say this therapy could be a possible long-term cure for leukemia!


By: Abhimanyu Rao

1. I’ve always wondered if planets get bored of doing the same thing over and over and over again, just spinning around a star. Well, someone thought the Earth was bored of doing this, and has now given it a companion for this journey. This companion’s name is 2020 XL5 is a large Trojan Asteroid. Don’t worry, this doesn;t mean that it will pretend to be a gift, but actually store attackers. This just means that it will follow the same path as our home planet, around the Sun, and could potentially be a farm for resources!

2. Lovers of Science Fiction will know what the Acidalia Planitia is. It’s an area on the Red Planet which is where The Martian is set. It is also the home to a crater that looks like the inside of the trunk of a tree! The crater seems to be full of several cracks that contain ice. This has given scientists a lot more information about seasons on Mars, which brings us a little closer to understanding it’s history, and the possibility of life on the planet.

3. Mr. Michael Leigh-Mallory recently found the oldest discovered gold coin in English history! He was using a metal detector, and found the coin, which we now know is from King Henry the third’s reign. It’s made out of North African gold, and was probably made between 1217 and 1272 AD. It was an immensely valuable find, which was auctioned off for a princely sum of almost 880,000 dollars!

4. Several countries participated in a “Diplomatic Boycott” of the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. This is an incident that has several reasons. Firstly, India is boycotting the ceremony because the military official who is bearing the torch for the ceremony was involved in the Galwan Valley incident. Other countries, including Australia, and the United States, are boycotting the Olympics because of the incident with Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai.


Entertainment quotient for the week:


Home Team


Foodtastic: Making scenes from movies out of food art!


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