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Weekly Digest #61

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Terrific Tunes: The Magic of Music

By Mihir Rao

Music has become a staple of all of our lives. Whether it’s waking up to a good song, humming a tune when you’re taking a shower, or even playing an instrument. But, it’s more than that. Some of us, (including myself) can’t go without listening to a tune or two. Why? What is so great about music? And is it good for us to keep listening to it?

Here is a bit of information that (hopefully) will answer your question.

Researchers have found out that music is actually good for the human mind, and it has many positive effects on a person! Here are some ways that music helps us:

1 . Stress Relief:

Music is an escape from day to day life, and for some people that might include an escape from the stress that affects them. Music can act as a calming force when one is stressed, and it is the perfect way to relax after a long day.

2. Happiness:

The title may seem a bit vague, but let me explain: Music actually makes you feel happy! Okay, that might not come as a big shock, but music literally makes you chemically, scientifically feel joy! Studies show that music makes our brain release dopamine, the pleasure inducing chemical. So if you’re feeling sad, a song or two really does help.

3. Unity:

Music, in many cases, can bring people together. In India’s case, Bollywood songs bring millions of people together. This, however, hasn't been here only for the past few decades. Even when countries like India were gaining Independence, folk songs brought everyone together and strengthened the national spirit.

4. Emotion:

Music can convey a multitude of emotions, many of which are extremely complex. You can listen to music when you’re happy, when you’re sad, when you’re angry, when you’re anxious, etc. Listening to a song can also bring back memories, and often give you nostalgia. Songs that you listened to as a child, and songs tied to emotional experiences can really change the way you think.

5 . Focus:

Music can actually help you focus too. It sometimes helps to listen to some music to relax and focus before something. It could be a test, a presentation, music gets rid of that anxiety and helps you focus.

As you can see with the points listed above, music is extremely powerful. It has therapeutic abilities. Quite literally, therapeutic abilities. Music has been used in therapy to address the social, emotional and physical needs of a person. Music has been shown to have many positive effects on our mind and body, and here are a few examples:

1 . Heart Health:

Music can actually improve your heart health! Research shows that listening to music can actually lower heart rate, reduce your blood pressure, and even increase endorphin levels in your blood!

2. Stress Reduction:

Just like I said previously, listening to music helps in reducing stress and anxiety. When you listen to music, cortisol (the stress hormone) levels are reduced! So it is beneficial to unwind and relax with a good song after all.

3. Increased Stamina in Exercise:

It turns out that listening to a tune or two when exercising is actually beneficial for you! Listening to music when exercising actually increases your stamina, and increases your endurance while working out.

4. Pain Management:

When music is listened to, the brain releases dopamine, like I said in my previous point. However, dopamine doesn’t just make you feel good. It also can be a counteracting force when pain is experienced, which means that music is unexpectedly effective in pain management.

5. Cognitive Performance:

Studies show that listening to music can help manage tasks, and increase processing speed! So, listening to a little bit of background music may not be completely detrimental when completing a task.

To Conclude, music can be extremely beneficial for your mind and body, and can be a good way to de-stress, as long as it doesn’t bother your neighbours 😂.


By: Abhimanyu Rao

1. Can you imagine having a tire stuck around your neck for TWO WHOLE YEARS?? Well, an elk in Colorado had a tire stuck on its neck for two years. Unfortunately, park rangers were never able to get close enough to tranquilize the elk. However, the elk was still able to eat, so they weren’t as concerned. Finally, they managed to get the tire off the elk’s neck, and now the bouncing elk is back to normal!

2. Energy, water, and chemical waste are all important terms in today’s day and age, and this next part of the happiness quotient is all about good things related to them! All fashion lovers, this one’s for you. Ralph Lauren has found a new way of dyeing clothes, that not only uses 90% less chemicals, but also 40% less energy, and only half the water of the traditional dyeing method! This is a ginormous step in the sustainability of the fashion industry, and we applaud Ralph Lauren for finding it!

3. Though he is only 11 years old, Joshua Bejoy has published a novel- ‘Murder at the Leaky Barrel’- that is topping bestseller charts! His novel covers a variety of topics, including murder(obviously!), and even resurrection! He originally had no intention of sharing his writing with anyone, but with some encouragement, he did, and the reception that his work is getting is absolutely mind-blowing. He is also working on two more novels, and he is a perfect example of how capable young people can be!

4. India’s very own Covaxin has been approved for emergency use for children in India. This means that children can soon get vaccinated, which can help decrease the covid cases in India even further! While we don’t know how soon this can be implemented, here at The Paperless Press, we remain hopeful that this will begin soon, and children can get vaccinated soon!

By: Agastya Rao

1. NASA has explored the moon and are planning to explore mars, but until they actually go to Mars, they are going on another mission, this one notably being ASTEROIDS. The Lucy Mission will go on a 12 year long mission to find asteroids to learn more about the Big Bang and how our universe began! They will look at and explore Jupiter’s Trojan Asteroids.

2. Mysterious signals from other planets have always been fascinating. One of the world’s most powerful antennas, The Low Frequency Array in the Netherlands, detected some stars emitting radio signals. The current theory is that it is the radio waves of a Planet and Star interacting. But could it be Aliens? That remains to be seen.

3. Butterflies are noble creatures, and they may contain the secret to an UNHACKABLE security system. Their wings have 200,000 scales which can be used as an identification system like a QR code and it's much harder to crack by a person wanting to steal the code. They currently require an Electron microscope to read the scales, but scientists are working on changing this soon :)

4. A family in the UK was looking to sell some stuff from their house. Among the items they were selling were a pair of statues that were bought for roughly a couple of hundred pounds. These statues were put to auction for around 300-400 Pounds. Little did the family know that their statues would go on to sell for over 200,000 POUNDS! These statues turned out to be thousands of years old and were from Ancient Egyptian times. Talk about a garage sale eh?


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  • Just Beyond (Horror TV Show) (7+)


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Oct 19, 2021

I look forward to reading The Paperless Press every week. The articles and information that you share are always well researched, crisply written, and filled with hope.

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