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Weekly Digest #110

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In this digest-

1. Article- Can ChatGPT and its Friends really replace humans?

2. Happiness Quotient From Around The World

3. Did You Know?

4. Entertainment Quotient

-Cover Story-

Can ChatGPT and its friends really replace humans?

By: Agastya Rao

When I first tried the new AI ChatBot ChatGPT and the Text to image generator DALL E, I was fascinated, because even someone like me with a limited artistic ability can get art made on demand based on a text that I imputed.

As for the Chatbot, its powers were limitless, with the ability to code apps for me, and even write full fledged stories. The company that created these has recently received Billions of dollars as investments from Microsoft. Is this going to be a dangerous move that humanity will regret, or will AI help us become a more evolved stage of humanity?

What is OpenAI and What has it created-

OpenAI is a research company which creates Artificial Intelligence. It has most notably created ChatBot ChatGPT and AI Image generator Dall E- 2, and was co-founded by none other than the internet’s favourite CEO, Elon Musk!


Chat GPT is an online AI chatbot. It can give you answers to most of the questions that you ask it (Except for offensive questions), you can even ask it to give you basic answers questions like 1+1, or ask it to give you the code for an app idea that you have! It also passed college level exams such as those at Wharton. The possibilities are endless, but so are the dangers.

Dall E- 2: Dall E is an artificial image generator that can create realistic images or art work based on a text description that you input.

Example of ChatGPT - (I asked ChatGPT to write an article about ChatGPT taking over jobs-

Example of Dall E- (The AI created art based on the input of text that I gave it, and it made it to my specifications, giving me variations of the input.)


How ChatGPT and Dall E can transform our lives-

As of right now ChatGPT has crossed over a 100 Million Users, and has grown into one of the most useful tools. It can answer any question we want it to, write stories for us, code apps for us and so much more! If we as humans can use this to aid our lives, we can extract the full value of using Artificial Intelligence.

Dall E has similar benefits, with us being able to “create” art without necessarily being talented or capable of making the art ourselves. AI is removing the physical boundaries that humans have, and are expanding them to essentially make humans- superhumans. You could make an entire series of digital paintings and quite literally paint your dreams and thoughts, based on a simple line of text that you input.

A man named Ammaar Reshi used Chat GPT to write a children’s book, and even used Dall E to make illustrations for the book, and self published it, making the book complete in 72 hours. AI completed a task which would have taken months, and would have cost a lot of money and finished it in a matter of days and for an almost negligible cost.

However, his book was not without controversy, with Artists accusing him (AI) of stealing their artwork, which AI have been accused of in the part, that they take or are at least heavily influenced by the work of other artists. For example, in DALL- E, you can type out what you want the art to look like, and then write a name of a particular artist’s style you want it to replicate.

The Problems with AI like Chat GPT and DALL- E-

Another App that burst into the limelight was the Lensa AI app. With Lensa, you take a photo of yourself, and the app converts a few of your photos with AI to make it look different. However, a controversy arose when it was found that some artist's signatures were still on the paintings, and that the portraits had been taken from existing artwork made by artists, because Lensa runs on the influence of a dataset of existing paintings, which led to artists accusing Lensa of stealing their art.

The First key problem with AI is that it takes the work of others, or atleast parts of it and uses it as its own. As we have seen with the use of Lensa and DALL- E, the AI can take parts of the work of others and use it as their own. This becomes problematic when someone sells the AI’s art as their own, and then the original artist loses out on the money they are owed for it because it is technically their work.

Secondly, it promotes misinformation- AI chatbots like ChatGPT scour the internet for an answer, and use these sources to piece together an answer. This causes problems when it stumbles upon facts that are incorrect, subject or simply false. If an AI picks up a particular answer or piece of news that is wrong, giving that as its answer will lead to spreading misinformation.

Thirdly, it takes away jobs- Jobs of illustrators, coders, writers can quickly disappear with the increased use of ChatGPT. While those such as in the media, may take longer to replace due to the controversies over misinformation, it seems like only a matter of time before AI are able to be trained enough to replace most of us. However, this will likely not happen soon, but the hope is that humans and AI can work together, rather than eliminate one another.

4- Kills creativity

If we rely on AI to make art for us and write stories for us, then what part will we as humans play in it? The main aspect that separates us from animals is that we are creative, and I will strip away this creativity and make us robots, without creativity who rely on AI to make creative work for us.

5. Possibly dangerous- This has been an age old fear of Artificial Intelligence, that it will overcome us all, and become too powerful for us to handle. While we are yet to reach this stage, there have already been appearances of AI of Bing (Microsoft’s Browser), where it gaslit users, and tried to convince one user to leave his wife. With enough training, you never know…

6. It is not fully at its potential- AI is still in its early stages and has been known to make basic errors in basic maths questions and code, which leaves some hope for the future of humanity, and to remind us that AI is not perfect, and likely won't be for a long time.


AI is here to stay, and the best that we can do is jump on the train and start accepting that it is the new normal. However, it is important to start setting a few key guidelines to ensure that the use of AI does not go out of hand and that it is not misused.


By: Mihir Rao


By: Abhimanyu Rao


Entertainment quotient for the week:

Disney+ Hotsar

  • Shane


  • Dog Gone


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1 Comment

Suresh Khajuria
Suresh Khajuria
Mar 02, 2023

Team Paperless Press.....Gone through Vol 110 . Impressed with in-depth details about AI . Great . Happiness Qoutent is equally exciting. My small suggestion......Try and give us a run down on Happiness Qoutent of Bhutan analysing it's applicability in Indian context. Just if and as and when you get time after your Annual exams.

Did you know?....Honestly I didn't know even one .....Thanx...very interesting and educative.Keep it up. Seeing your routine workload vis a vis your passion , I get highly motivated. You have proved beyond dobt that any one and every one can follow his or her passion with Logical Time Management. Great going. Godbless

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